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I love painting :). My first painted model was bretonian knight when I was eleven. Anyway I started painting a lot and professionally two years ago, check the gallery for results!
I will gladly answer your questions and doubts.


I paint in two quality levels:

high quality tabletop (HQT) – good choice for army painting, best quality to cost relation. Every model is neat and look nice from close distance.

masterpiece (M) – great for characters, collectors or very demanding players. Models looks awesome. The light-shadow contrast is aquiline, colors are smooth.

I believe, for models it is more important to look great from a distance, rather than close shot of a camera. I saw many models, that looked awesome in the picture, or up close, but from player’s distance so so.
I aim for cool models for playing.
That’s why I prefer colorful models, sharp details, non metal metallic technique, big contrast between light and shadow.

What is the difference?

The time I spent.
When painting in HQT I try to save time by using efficient techniques like airbrush, metallic paints, water effects, weather effects etc. They still looks great, but not that brilliant like M.
For M it is mostly arduous job. I glaze, and I glaze and I glaze… Preferred technique is non-metal-metallic, sometimes freehands, etc.

Here are some examples:

Compare Painting Service Quality 1Compare Painting Service Quality 2Compare Painting Service Quality 3Compare Painting Service Quality 4


type \ quality high quality tabletop masterpiece
Price refers to assembly and painting of single miniature with appropriate base. Miniature price not included.
small base squads (20mm, 25mm, 30mm) 20£
medium base squads (40mm) 14£ 32£
cavalry, bikes etc. 18£ 42£
large base (50mm, 60mm) 24£ 54£
x-large base (60mmx120mm, 120mm) 48£ 120£
small (walker type, buggies etc.) 30£ 65£
medium (rhino, falcon, devilfish etc.) 35£ 75£
large (land raider, defiler etc.) 45£ 95£
x-large (storm raven, brass scorpion etc.) 60£ 130£
diods system consisting 2 diods (for vehicles) 15£
wooden base with landscape for shelf size diorama for your army varies
magnet attached parts of the models, limbs, weapons etc. 15% per part
conversions varies
in EU with full insurance and tracking 16-30£
worldwide varies

The chart is not an offer in the meaning of law, but example price of commission.
However the price table offer is close to my common quotes. For any question contact me:

Safe commission

My company is registered in Poland, I pay taxes.
I use PayPal for transactions.
I send the invoice when job is finished, after You accept the results.
I paint for a long time, feel free to check this website, or my account MaybugM at coolminiornot or dakadaka.


Having models is enough pre-payment for me to start commission. I don’t like to take money before the job is done. Sometimes I may require 33% prepayment, mainly for big orders.
I rarely accept commissions under 100£.
I accept payments only in PLN. I am using GBP prices at my website, to help my customers estimate cost. Medium money exchange form last three months:
1£ = 5,2 PLN
1€ = 4,2 PLN
1$ = 3,4 PLN

Time of implement

Various, usually 1-2 months for armies, 2-4 weeks for smaller commissions.

Miniatures and resin bases

I can buy miniatures for you or you can buy miniatures and give my address as shipping location.
You can also send me Your own miniatures.
40% discount for store bases!

What do you get from me:

– flexiblility, we will make your army the way you want, also the time of commission is negotiable
– you have continuous access to progress of our work – after painting some parts of miniatures we will send you email with progress of our work
– you can get army case specially fitted to the models
– cool looking miniatures that you will be proud of