Blood Angels Stormraven Gunship Front-SideBlood Angels Stormraven Gunship Front

I am not a big fan of weather effects and realistic painting, however I aspire to became all-purpose artist. So I tried additional shadings and scratched armor plates. Soon I am going to paint rusty Chaos Space Marines Squad of Nurgle, using new 6th edition models :).

This is my second serious freehand after the one for Dark Eldars Treasure Hunters army and since feedback is positive I will make more.

I had bad accident with this models, as firstly I painted freehand up-side-down. I paint big models in pieces, and GW models have anti-aerodynamic wings shape (GW thinks aerodynamics is bad for coolness), and I forgot about it… So had to paint it twice:(

While I was painting cockpit windows with transparent green I came up with the idea to make base fitting this Stormraven. I thought about Nurgle (yeah I do that some times because he’s close to my heart) and then I was illuminated by the God of Decay himself – Death World or toxic planet. I founded piece of wood, some barrels. I painted everything in less than 2 hours by airbrush, then I added some always cool-looking Army Painter’s grass, and Humbrol type clear green paint for toxic stuff. I hope to make more bases like this one in future.

Blood Angels Stormraven Gunship Front-SideBlood Angels Stormraven Gunship FrontBlood Angels Stormraven Gunship Back